Emblem of the Games



Ibuki Tada. 4th year student of the Department of Synthetic Design, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Tsukuba University of Technology.

Overview of the emblem design

  • The theme of the emblem is a ‘circle’ meaning the connection between people.
  • This emblem contains three motifs, a ‘hand’, representative symbol of the deaf community, ‘circle’, and ‘flower’. The emblem express that people touch with competition and the topic of the Deaflympics, and mutual exchange and communities made by the Deaflympics gradually connect like a ‘circle’, and after the ‘circle’ will expand, new future ‘flowers’ will bloom. The motif of ‘flower’ is cherry blossom petals.
1) Hand
The 'hand' is a representative symbol of the deaf community.
The 'hand' also expresses the desire for people to 'touch' with the competition and topic of the Deaflympics. 

2) Circle
The 'circle' expresses the idea that after 'touch' the Deaflympics, people will gradually interact with each other and the interaction and community will be connected like a 'circle'.

3) Flower
The 'flower' expresses a scene that 'a new flower of the future
will bloom' after the 'circle' will expand. 
The motif of 'flower' is cherry blossom petals.

4) Color
As many people from all over the world will gather for the
Deaflympics, the colors of red, yellow, blue, and green were
used to express diversity.

Creation method

Creation of design proposal

  • Multiple proposals of the emblem design were created by students mainly from the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Department of Synthetic Design at National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology, the only university deaf and hard of hearing people and blind people in Japan.

Selection and determination of designs

  • Group work was conducted with the participation of middle and high school students including students of schools for the deaf in Tokyo.
  • Designs are selected and decided by voting in group work (September 3, 2023)